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The Gulf of Noto, Vendicari, Baroque cities, the Cava Grande, wild maquis, an incredibly varied and interesting area; here you will find our selected holiday homes. Whether you are looking for a holiday home with pool, on the beach or in nature with sea views, whether holiday homes for couples, for families or for home cooks. We offer a small but excellent selection of holiday homes.

“The Greeks shaped our sensitivity of light and harmony.

Muslims brought us the fragrance of oriental gardens; but also sowed in us a passion laced with deceit.

The Normans crowned our Panoply with the sword of loyalty, bravery and stern conscience.

The Spaniards gave us a quickness of tongue and haughtiness, the magnificence of words and pageant, the nobility of our code of honour, but with it a strong taste of ashes and death.”

Gesualdo Bufalino

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