Villas in South East Sicily


South-east Sicily really does offer everything you need in order to enjoy a relaxing and varied holiday.  Here you will find the beguiling baroque cities of Noto, Scicli, Modica and Ragusa (all UNESCO World Heritage Sites), Siracusa with its unique city centre on the Ortigia peninsula and its splendid Greek theatre. The Vendicari nature reserve with its five beautiful sandy beaches. The Cava Grande; a 300-metre-deep canyon with stunning natural swimming pools, and the Pantalica Gorge with its multitude of cave tombs. The limestone mountains of the Iblei with the beautiful baroque town of Palazollo Acreide, also a World Heritage Site and home to a small, excellently preserved Greek theatre. Experience this unique corner of Sicily, all easily accessible from your Siculus holiday home.

Your holiday home in south-eastern Sicily.

As you have probably already noticed, we at Siculus are genuinely in love with Sicily. We have lived here for 20 years and our children were born here. We have witnessed the upswing and increased interest in the region, and perhaps have also helped shape it a little. Marzamemi, with its atmosphere reminiscent of Clint Eastwood westerns. was a run-down fishing village with a quirky square where a film was once shot.  Less than 20 years later, the same little town is filled with excellent restaurants and bars. Even Madonna chose to celebrate her 64th  birthday there this year (2022).

Meanwhile in Noto, during the Covid pandemic, Hollywood came to town to film Cyrano, a musical adaptation of the famous French play. In Ortygia and Marzamemi, Dolce and Gabbana put on a spectacular fashion show featuring a plethora of Hollywood stars. The recent Netflix success, White Lotus, was filmed in and around Noto, and Chefs Table dedicated and hour long programme to the Netino pastry genius Corrado Assenza and Café Sicilia.

Yet despite its continuing popularity, the region has retained its unique character and authenticity, unlike other European mass tourism destinations which tend to burst at the seams in August. The Vendicari nature reserve is a nature lover’s dream both in high and low season, as are the region’s wild sandy beaches and rambling gorges. Restaurants and food markets offer outstanding quality products and dishes year round, and the famous Sicilian hospitality is guaranteed at all times of the year.

These are just a few of the attractions of South East Sicily and the reasons why we chose to live and offer holiday homes in the area. Discover your perfect holiday home with us and enjoy the relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere of a region where the people have nevertheless retained their warmth, hospitality and authenticity.