Villas in Sicily with heated pool


Holiday homes with heated pools in Sicily extend the holiday season well into late autumn, and also allow the season to start earlier.

It is pleasant to swim a few laps, or just splash around in the pool in November or April, when the water temperature is a pleasant 26 degrees. It’s the little things that often make the difference, in this case that extra 5 degrees. Enjoy your holiday home with heated pool in Sicily and treat yourself to the luxury of a summer holiday over three seasons of the year. 


Holiday homes with heated pools in Sicily

We Germans not only travel in the summer as most Italians do, but also enjoy the advantages of  the Easter, May and October holidays. This means that the holiday season starts at the end of March, and lasts until the first week of November. A holiday home with a heated pool and Sicilian sunshine can extend your summer holiday well beyond the summer months.  Of course, the question arises for us as to the ecological sense of such luxury. The answer can be found in photovoltaic systems, which produce the electricity which powers the heat pumps on sunny days. So enjoy the benefits of a morning swim with a clear conscience, at your Sicilian holiday home with heated pool.