Villas for the winter in Sicily


Sicily in winter: walks on the beach at a balmy 20 degrees, the scent of fresh herbs in the air, marvelling at flamingos in Vendicari or picking oranges fresh from the tree. There are now many holiday homes well suited for the Sicilian winter due to utilising modern window systems, underfloor or central heating and the abundance of natural light. If you can stay longer than a week, great weather is guaranteed; if you stay a week, it’s also very likely! Even if every day is not perfectly sunny, the Sicilian climate is more stable in winter than in autumn and spring. Enjoy the seasonal sun and light in one of our villas for the winter in Sicily.

Villas for the winter in Sicily

Holidays in winter in Sicily. This idea is becoming more realistic and accessible.

In December (2022) there was marked difference in temperature between Sicily and middle europe, with temperatures on the island reaching up to 27 degrees centigrade on some days over the festive period. The Sicilian climate is surprisingly stable in winter, more so than autumn and spring. Temperatures are not as warm as other seasons, yet sunshine is mostly guaranteed. In the past, it was difficult to find holiday homes suitable for winter in Sicily and Noto. Gradually however, this has changed and we can now offer some newly built or renovated houses complete with underfloor heating and well insulated windows, making Sicily a perfect option for an out of season break, in your holiday home for the winter in Sicily.

Winter beach walks, especially in the Vendicari nature reserve, are a dream. Sun, crystal clear water, fragrant wild vegetation, pink flamingos, incredible peace and quiet and complete tranquility. A truly unique atmosphere.

Fast and stable internet connections also make Sicily ideal for a longer working holiday. Combine the advantages of the new modern working world with the luxury of enjoying the sun, sea and good food in Sicily in your holiday home for winter in Sicily