Most of our holiday homes can only be reached by car, which is why we definitely recommend hiring one. You’ll also need one in order to visit most places worth seeing as well as most beaches and for day trips. Discovering Sicily using public transport is almost impossible.

Neither: you can perfectly relax if you pay attention to some basic rules. That means making sure you don’t leave anything valuable or any bags in the car for everyone to see.

Only in Palermo and Catania there are certain parts of town where so-called “Shippi” (snathing people’s belongings from the vantage point of a scooter driving past) can happen. Make sure to avoid such areas and always lock the car from the inside.

Cancellation of a contract must be sent to us in written form. The date of receipt here at SICULUS is decisive. The following cancellation fees – as a percentage of the total rental costs – are then due:

  • Up to 90 days before arrival: 30%
  • Up to 30 days before arrival: 60%
  • 29 days or less before arrival: 100%.

On agreement there exists the possibility of providing a replacement tenant. An administrative fee of €30 for cancellations or changes of reservation is then payable. We recommend booking a travel cancellation insurance.

Usually each house does have a baby bed and a high chair. Some owners do, however, reserve themselves the right to charging a fee. See the details of each house for more imformation.

We are only a letting agency for nice holiday homes. However, we do provide a list of all flights to Sicily with the relevant links to the flight companies on our website. We cooperate with Autoeurope for rental cars. You can find the best offers using Autoeurope’s transparent search engine.

  • A mountain bike costs approx. €60/3 days, approx. €120/week
  • A racing bike costs approx. €60/3 days, approx. €120/week
  • A touring bike costs approx. €45/3 days, approx. €85/week
  • A city bike costs approx. €45/3 days, approx. €85/week
  • An e-bike bike costs approx. €65/3 days, approx. €130/week

Scooters can be hired as of €30/day. The price obviously varies depending on the season and the length of hire. Should you happen to be interested in renting out a bike of scooter, please feel free to contact us under info@siculus.com.

Payment by credit card is usually not possible since you pay the house owner directly, for whom credit card fees aren’t reasonable. The bigger hotels, some agriturismi and B&Bs accept credit cards.

It is clear that you feel incredible compassion for the people who leave their homeland under the most difficult conditions, with the greatest sacrifices, to finally find peace again in Europe and live a normal life. But you would like to know how the increasing numbers of refugees affect the life of your holiday region and whether they should be worried.

We witnessed ourselves a few years ago when we saw a refugee boat which arrived the day before on the beach of Eloro. Today, this no longer occurs because the boats are received on the high seas, and then accompanied to the nearest port. The last few years took this task was the Italian search and rescue service “Mare Nostrum”. In addition to rescuing the refugees, they also tried to get hold of the criminal smugglers. Since October 2014 Operation Triton has been under the leadership of the EU border agency Frontex.

Since most of our houses are in the countryside there are obviously insects, beatles, millepedes and mosquitos. What you’ll encounter depends on the season and the weather though. Depending on how sensitive you are, you should consider using mosquito spray. Other than that, enjoy the sight of other small creatures, since they are representative of Sicily’s still intact fauna.

There’s no need to be afraid of snakes or scorpions. We haven’t been told about any scorpion or snake bites in the last thirteen years. Only one of Sicily’s seven native snake sorts is venemous and we’ve never seen it in the south-east. The bigger black snake, which you might see every so often, isn’t at all dangerous.

Many of our clients worry about stray dogs and cats, not because they may be dangerous – they aren’t – but out of pity and love of animals. Make sure, however, not to feed or stray animals so as to avoid passing on responsibility for them to the next tenants.

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