Beaches in southeast

Sandy beaches in the southeast

Vendicari, Lido di Noto, Caratois ….

Although Sicily’s beaches can not reach Sardinia, you will find some beautiful specimens here. Here is perhaps the right point to point out that we would not recommend Sicily for a pure beach holiday.

There are probably better and cheaper beach resorts in Europe. Sicily, on the other hand, offers everything you need to spend a varied holiday between culture, wonderful landscapes and cities, beautiful beaches and good food.

We define southeastern Sicily in this case from Siracusa to Punta secca on the south coast:


Calabernardo is a former small fishing village. There is a small picturesque jetty where a few small fishermen still go fishing today. North of Calabernardo is a larger sandy beach, at

A small sandy bay and the popular rocky coast of Malacala to the south. In Calabernardo there are 2 bars / Ristoranti, one of which is open all year round. Some locals also live in Calabernardo all year round.
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Lido di Noto – Spiaggia Scogli Bianchi

A beautiful sandy beach – smaller than the main sandy beach of Lido di Noto. Known for its large white rocks which the youngsters like to use as a jumping tower.

Free lying area and a Stabilimento (couch rental with bar).
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Lido di Noto

Lido di Noto is a small holiday village south of Siracusa, 5 km from Noto. Like all “Lido’s” in Italy, it consists mainly of holiday homes, some of which are only used in summer, some

some hotels and bed and breakfasts, restaurants, cafèbars and three small supermarkets. The main beach of Lido di Noto is a beautiful long sandy beach, with very clean water and is very suitable for children, as the water is very shallow for several hundred meters.
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Lido di Noto – Cayman Beach

Nice big sandy beach. Free lying area and a Stabilimento (couch rental with bar). Cayman Beach Bar More music with a DJ. The Hotel Eloro is a small deficit.

Macchia and nature. There are only a few holiday houses in the area of Eloro, since no more can be built here. We rent the Villa Rosmarino, Casa Pietra, Villa Elorina, Villa Birri, Villa Calvo and Casa Eloro. Access via Lido di Noto - park at Hotel Eloro or park above in low season. You then walk down a slightly rocky path to the bay for a few minutes. You can not use a buggy here - just up the road, but the little ones who can already walk .. can handle the way. GPS: 36.846751, 15.108075 Second possibility to park at the archaeological site of Eloro. GPS: 36.842727, 15.104616
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Spiaggia Pizzuta Eloro

The southernmost beach Eloro / Pizzuta actually still belongs to Lido di Noto, for us it definitely belongs to the nature reserve Eloro / Vendiacari due to its appearance. Large natural sand beach.

The beach is here: You can park in front of the Hotel Eloro and walk a little downhill to the beach or park at the entrance to the archaeological site of Eloro and walk to the beach.
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Nature reserve Vendicari – Spiaggia Eloro

Vendicari is an 11 km long nature reserve with 6 (including Pizzuta beach) beautiful natural sandy beaches, which are for

Baden are released. The Riserva Naturale di Vendicari is not only suitable for swimming, but especially for walking and bird watching. The nature park was founded in 1984 and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The high salinity of the soil represents an ideal habitat for the Mediterranean bush vegetation. Herbs like thyme and rosemary and other prickly bush plants like juniper grow. Many migratory birds rest here for a few days on their way to and from Africa. Flamingos, herons, storks and cormorants can be found here in autumn, while terns, ducks, mallards and pintail ducks appear in winter. Vendicari with its numerous observation huts is a paradise for bird lovers. Worth seeing is especially a built by Peter of Aragon, a brother of King Alfonso, built in the 15th century tower (known as Torre Sveva), a Tonnara (tuna fishing) and various old fishermen's houses. Whichever entrance to the nature reserve you choose, you have to park your car some distance away and walk the rest of the way through this unique area. Eloro is the first beach of the Vendicari nature reserve south of the excavations of the ancient Greek city of Eloro. History excavation Eloro Archaeological site of Eloro Opening hours Mon-Sun 9 am-1pm. Admission free. Under the following link you will find the access to the 5 beaches of Vendicari: Entrances from the Vendicari nature reserve GPS: 36.841088, 15.103904
Mappa di Vendicari
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Nature reserve Vendicari – Spiaggia Marianelli

Immediately after Eloro Beach is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in the nature reserve:

The beach Marianeddi (Marianelli)

The transparent and crystal clear waters, the golden sands and the feeling of being isolated from the rest of the world make this beach a favorite of those who want the utmost tranquility even in summer. For this reason, it is also very popular with nudists.

Here you will find the link to the Marianelli entrance. You can drive to Agriturismo Marianeddi and walk to the beach from there.

Entrances from the Vendicari nature reserve

GPS: 36.835030, 15.084612

You can also eat well in the agriturismo.

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Nature reserve Vendicari – Spiaggia Calamosche

From Noto, drive towards Pachino, after about 6 km on the SP19 road you will see the sign “Calamosche”, one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Vendicari.

A dirt road leads to the parking lot, from here you can walk to the beach in about twenty minutes, a very picturesque sandy bay enclosed by two rocky outcrops, where the sea is almost always calm. Here you can wonderfully snorkel . There are other good spots in Marianelli and on the rocky coast at the Staufer Tower.

Calamosche entrance:

Entrances from the Vendicari nature reserve

GPS: 36.835030, 15.084612

On the way to the beach there are two agriturismi where you can eat typical.

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Nature reserve Vendicari- Spiaggia Tonnara e Torre Sveva 

The main entrance to Vendicari is between Calamosche and Cittadella. The beach is less suitable for swimming, but for take a walk and be amazed.

Vendicari with its numerous observation huts is a paradise for bird lovers . Particularly worth seeing is a tower from the 15th century built by Peter von Aragon, a brother of King Alfonso (known as Torre Sveva ), a Tonnara (tuna fishing) and various old fishermen’s houses.

Here are 3 different footpaths through the nature reserve

Vendicari main entrance:

Entrances from the Vendicari nature reserve

GPS: 36.805146, 15.091889

On the way to the beach there are also two nice little “Ristoranti” that are open in the season.

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Nature reserve Vendicari – Spiaggia Citadella 

The last beach of the nature reserve is the beach Cittadella dei Maccari. Here the beauty of the sea is combined with an area of great historical and cultural interest. Immediately behind the beach, just a few dozen meters away, is a Byzantine-era complex with a church, and not far from the church are catacombs from the same era.

Citadella entrance:

Entrances from the Vendicari nature reserve

It is best to park at the parking lot on “San Lorenzo IX” in San Lorenzo. From here you walk north to the bay. Next to the parking lot is a pleasant bar with small snacks.
GPS: 36.775980, 15.095730

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San Lorenzo

South of Citadella is the seaside resort of San Lorenzo. Very famous for its crystal clear water. In the middle of the bay there is a well-equipped stabilimento (bar and couch rental).

In San Lorenzo you can rent Casa Bianca, Casa Maritimo, Villa Trani and Villa Palme.

South of San Lorenzo is the now very famous picturesque fishing village Marzamemi.

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Baiamuri is certainly the most stylish and trendiest beach club in the region.
The location and atmosphere are really great and the food and drinks are of good quality. You just need to know if the prices are worth the pleasure.

Portopalo di Capopassero

Beautiful sandy beach right in Portopalo di Capo Passero with a view of the Isola di Capo Passero.

Isola dei Correnti

The last strip of land where Europe ends and where the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean meet is the Isola delle Correnti, just 30 km from Noto removed. In summer you can swim or run to the island.

GPS: 36.651758, 15.077436


On the right side of the Isola dei Correnti is the Carratois beach, long and sandy, to the Punta delle Formiche. A still wild dune landscape. We are south of Tunis.

Good beach restaurant in season. The cook can also cook delicious fish in the off-season on request. Better call 🙂

GPS: 36.656907, 15.075180

Porto Ulisse

Between Portopalo and Carratois and Pozzallo there is a little insider tip Porto Ulisse and the long sandy beaches of Santa Marina di Focallo, which are only full in absolute high season and also popular with kite surfers.

Good beach restaurant in season.

GPS: 36.696603, 14.990257

The south coast: Marza – Santa Maria del Focallo – Pozzallo – Marina di Modica – Marina di Modica – Sampieri – Cava D’Aliga – Donnalucata – Marina di Ragusa.

From the pleasant city beach of Pozzallo along the south coast to the west are the beautiful beaches of Marina di Modica, Sampieri, Cava D aliga, the pretty town of Donnalucata and the famous beach of Marina di Ragusa.

All of the beaches in the south are large, long dune sand beaches.

Punta Secca

Punta Secca has to be mentioned, because here the TV house, now a B&B, of the famous Commissario Montalbano by Andrea Camilieri is located.

Lido di Avola

To the north of Lido di Noto and Calabernado is the small town of Avola, which has developed very well in recent years and can have beautiful sandy beaches and a picturesque tonnara.

Spiaggia Pineta del Gelsomineto

North of Avola is the really beautiful Pineta del Gelsomineto beach, which comes up with somewhat outrageous parking fees in summer.

Fontane Bianche

Fontane Bianche is the famous house beach of the residents of Siracusa, with really fine, beautiful sand.

Natural reserve Plemirio

Between Siracusa and Fontane Bianche, the Maddalena peninsula is hostile to the nature reserve of Plemmirio belongs. There are various small beaches and beautiful cliffs. Also very popular with divers.

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