Natural beauties

Natural beauties

in the northwest

Riserva naturale integrale Saline di Trapani

The natural reserve, which was founded in 1995, lies between Trapani and Paceco and offers 986 hectares of wonderful flora and fauna. Despite the high concentration of salt, some plants have managed to adapt to their surroundings. The area is also an important stop over for migratory birds coming from Africa. Observing the flamingos and herons as well as the gorgeous sunset, which casts the salt-works in shades of dark red to gold, is a wonderul experience.

Riserva naturale orientata dello Zingaro 

The natural reserve was formed naturally by the forces of wind and water. Its gravel beaches, which merge with crystal clear, turquoise water, are amongst the nicest in the Mediterranean. The march to the wonderful bays is really worth the effort, but tourists in search of a more relaxing hoiday can take the boat. From a distance the lack of trees in Lo Zingaro makes the area look fairly barren. Following a closer look, though, it becomes clear that there’s a great diversity of plants, which have managed to adapt to the area. The humid microclimate allows around 650 species to thrive. Dwarf palm trees and other sorts of shrub line most paths. In the spring, the fresh grass on the slopes is seamed with thousands of colourful wildflowers. The reserve is also a big attraction for ornithologists, who can come to observe eagles, peregrine falcons, kestrels, partridges and different kinds of owls and tawny owls.

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