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A small introduction

The following information could be helpful for those visiting Sicily for the first time.

The 400km-wide island, ranging from Pozzallo in the south-east to Trapani in the north-west, is the largest in the Meditarranean. Yet what makes Sicily so special is not necessarily its size, but rather its variety and richness.

Everything is more intense here: the heat, the colours, the light, the winds and the smells. All that makes Italy stand out can be found on the island: the see, culture, history, wonderful architecture and outstanding cuisine. Sicily is in a way a smaller and concentrated version of Italy. That also goes for the negative sides, although guests are seldomly exposed to these.

Since Sicily is so large and has so much to offer, we recommend you stay and enjoy yourself in a specific region. We think the north-west and south-east are the most suited places for you to do this. Here, you’ll find everything you need for a truly relaxing and interesting holiday.

The north-west is home to the Trapani Birgi and much bigger Punta Raisi Falcone e Borsellino (30 km west of Palermo) airports whereas the south-east can be reached by landing at the Catania airport or the newly opened airfield in Comiso. Those who are coming by car or who are in search of a slower start to their holiday can reach either Palermo or Catania by ferry.

Detailed information about flight connections and ferries can be found under How to reach/Flights.

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