Luxury villas in Sicily


Luxury Villas /Design/Architecture Sicily. For us at Siculus, luxury does not mean a big screen or an electric entrance gate, but instead the possibility to spend precious time with your loved ones in a relaxed and stylish atmosphere, whilst consciously soaking up the architecture, nature and surroundings of the unique holiday home. Luxury is lightness, ease, slowness and authenticity. Not the most beautiful apple on the tree, but the tastiest. The unchanged one which bends the branch. Discover your luxury holiday home in Sicily.

Luxury holiday homes in Sicily

We have chosen the term ‘luxury’ holiday homes because design houses and architect’s houses are both rare and as such, undiscovered. This best explains what we mean by luxury. Architect houses, offer stylish design, high quality aesthetics and the distinct human touch of the creator’s eye. Luxury for the senses, but above all for the soul in these times of haste, destruction and superficiality.
Around Noto, many architects and designers have fulfilled their dream of creating a “luxury Sicilian holiday home”. Indeed, in recent years there has been a marked increase of such extraordinary holiday homes on offer.
Our task is to find the right guests for these special “luxury holiday homes”; discerning clients who value great taste, appreciate good design, and spend discerningly in order to achieve this dream. Our clients appreciate that, whilst the access road may have a few pot holes, it is the bewitching aroma of wild thyme growing around the villa towards the sea which is the true luxury….
Find the perfect holiday villa in Sicily near Noto and enjoy the true lightness of luxury…slowness, ease and relaxation.