Large villas in Sicily


Spending the holiday with a special group of friends; dining together under the pergola, sharing an aperitif by the pool. Large villas for groups in Sicily are holiday homes with a maximum of 4 to 5 bedrooms. Ideal for 2 families or 8-10 people. Some holiday homes also have outbuildings which are ideal for families travelling with parents or grandparents. Our options do not yet include Sicilian mansions and palaces with large common rooms and courtyards.  For larger groups there is, of course, the possibility to rent villas of close proximity, making it convenient to meet with friends or relatives at the beach or in town.  Discover our holiday homes for groups and large families in Sicily.


Your holiday home in Sicily for groups and large families.

More frequently we are receiving requests for large houses suitable for two families or larger groups.  There is definitely a noticeable trend towards travelling with friends or relatives and, with rising prices, it can also be more economical to book a larger holiday home rather than two smaller villas with swimming pools. 

Depending on the composition and needs of the group; whether there are small children, teenagers, grandparents or friends,  

Siculus can help find the perfect holiday home for groups in Sicily.  We offer villas with walk-through bedrooms suitable for families with toddlers.  Villas with outhouses perfect for families travelling with grandparents, and villas with en-suite bathrooms for couples travelling with friends. 

If you decide, as a larger group, to rent two smaller villas near each other, please be aware that each villa and pool will be equipped for a maximum of 4/6 people, making them unsuitable for larger dinner parties and get togethers. 

As we expand our portfolio of villas, we are looking to increase our range of holiday homes for large families and groups in Sicily.  At Siculus, we always strive to find the perfect holiday home to meet your needs.