Do I need a rental car?
Most of our villas are only accessible by car, so we strongly advise you to rent a car. The rental car is also indispensable to visit the many places and beaches worth seeing or to make day trips. It is practically impossible to explore Sicily by public transport.

Is Sicily more dangerous than other regions in Europe?
Sicily is neither more dangerous nor more criminal than other holiday regions. On the contrary: if you stick to certain basic rules, you can feel extremely safe here. This means not leaving any valuables, bags, etc. visible in the car. Only in Palermo and Catania do the notorious “scippi” (handbag robberies from scooters) occur in certain parts of town, which is why these areas are better avoided and car doors should be locked from the inside. However, these are areas that are not normally visited by tourists.

Are there problems with insects and animals?
As most of our houses are in the countryside, there are of course insects, bugs, worms and unfortunately mosquitoes. However, this depends on the time of year and the weather. You should bring Autan or other mosquito repellent, depending on your sensitivity, and enjoy the other small animals, as they are a sign that Sicily’s nature is still intact.

There is usually no need to fear poisonous snakes or scorpions; no scorpion or snake bites have been reported to us in the last 20 years. Of the 7 Sicilian snake species, only one is poisonous, but we have never seen it in the southeast. The larger black snake that occasionally crawls across your path is absolutely harmless.

Our clients are more often concerned about stray dogs and cats. Not because they are dangerous, because they never are, but out of compassion and love for animals. You should be careful not to feed or “adopt” stray animals in order not to pass on the responsibility to your next tenants.

Can I book flights or rental cars through Siculus?
No, we are not a tour operator, only an agency for beautiful holiday homes. However, on our website you will find a list of flights to Sicily with links to the various airlines. We have chosen Autoeurope as our cooperation partner for the rental of your rental car. You will find the best and most suitable offers through Autoeurope’s transparent search engine.

Can I pay with credit cards?
Credit card payment is also on the rise in Sicily and is now possible in many cases. As holiday homes are often owned by private individuals, it is unusual in this case in particular. Shops, ristoranti, hotels and commercial landlords usually accept credit cards. Some homeowners now have a Paypal account, where credit card payments are possible, but fees apply.

Can I rent bicycles or scooters?
Bicycle and scooter rentals are now available in most areas. However, they are relatively expensive compared to car hire. When you book a holiday home through us, we will send you a list of places where you can rent bicycles and scooters.

What are your cancellation policies?
Cancellation of the contract by the applicant must be made in writing. The date of receipt by SICULUS is decisive. The following cancellation fees are due from the total rental price :

– up to 90 days before the start of the rental period: 30%.
– up to 30 days before the start of the rental period: 60%.
– 29 days or less before the start of the rental period: 100%.

In consultation, it is possible to provide a substitute at the same rental conditions. The handling fee for a rebooking or cancellation is EUR 50.-.We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance.

Where can I get information on flights, rental cars and travel?
Under the points flight/ferry or rental car