Corona 19.08.2020

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Corona 19.08.2020 Current figures on 19.08.20

There are thirteen new positives at Covid 19 in Sicily. The data was disseminated by the National Civil Protection according to the communication of the Sicilian Region. The number of people admitted to hospital (sixty) and those in intensive care (6) is stable. At the moment there are 662 people in isolation at home and the total number of positive people is 722. There were no victims. However, the number of tests remains rather low: about 2400.

The 13 new Covid19 positives are 4 in Ragusa, 4 in Catania, 3 in Messina, 1 in Caltanissetta and 1 Enna. Of these 5 have been in contact with people who have returned from a trip to Malta.

In Italy 403 new cases and 5 victims.


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