Our philosophy

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Unsere Philosphie

Our philosophy

What is important to us

We’ve seen all of the holiday houses ourselves and have met the owners.

We’ve advised them to replace the plastic cups with wine glasses, to buy chopping boards and knives and to replace the pans early enough.

A toaster, a fruit press and an iron should now be available. We‘ve even managed to convince most owners of the growing importance of having a dishwasher and internet connection.

We can’t guarantee the perfect holiday. In the end, too many factors which we can’t control play too important a role in how your stay on Sicily pans out. We can, however, guarantee that we always do everything to avoid problems and misunderstandings happening in the first place.

We believe that informing our clients about everything there is to know about Sicily, the holiday home and the area around it helps fulfil expectations and makes their stay a success.

That is why we’ve gradually become more of an advisory agency.

We’ve stopped working with home owners who are resistent to any advice and we prefer not to arrange anything for clients who we can’t really help.

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