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About us


A “we about us” is not easy to write. How to imagine yourself professionally remains humble, sincere without becoming too personal.

Let’s try!

In 2003 we traveled to Germany from the south, first to Portugal and then via the Marche and Puglia to Sicily.

The first night in Noto, we could hardly believe it, the city was so beautiful! Over the next few days we explored the surrounding towns, Siracusa, Modica, Ragusa and the beaches of Vendicari.

Incredible! Fantastic cities and beaches, rolling hills with olive, almond and lemon groves, wine and tomatoes.

At the end of November and still swimming, so friendly people, huge tourist potential and no one there yet.

It was immediately clear to us, here or nowhere. The decision was made quickly, perhaps a little carelessly, but all the more for that.

There we were, a young German couple, well educated but without any knowledge of Italian.

So it was said to learn the language, work, make contacts and build up what we always lacked on our trip:

A good website that provides nice accommodations. Siculus was born.

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